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(Un)simple calls improve business

  • icon Process optimization

    Asterisk's integration with CRM allows you to store all customer information and call history on the customer card. It makes communication more convenient and services better.

  • icon Cost reduction

    For IP telephony, all you need is a computer, an Asterisk server, and a headset. For each new employee, you just need to create a user in the program.

  • icon Sales increase

    Asterisk and algorithms do the routine work that used to be done by your employees. This frees up managers to focus on customer service.


IP telephony based on Asterisk is most often used by

  • Small companies

    that want to easily expand as they grow in the future.

  • Medium companies

    що не хочуть втрачати клієнтів через велику кількість заявок.

  • Call center

    that want to track and improve the performance of their managers.


We will help

  • Audit your system

    Find out how well your IP telephony is performing and whether it can be improved.

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  • Set up an IP telephony server

    from scratch or help you migrate from another service to Asterisk.

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  • Support IP telephony server

    Will be there to keep Asterisk running as it should.

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  • Virtual server for IP telephony

    Provide space for your Asterisk to work efficiently

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/how it works

6 steps
to IP telephony

  • 1 Draw up telephony requirements depending on your needs
  • 2 Install the Asterisk server and configure it
  • 3 Customize the software: server side and databases
  • 4 Buy SIP numbers — external telephone lines
  • 5 Set up the equipment: VoIP phones and headsets
  • 6 Show you how to use IP telephony and get the most out of your business

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